Maybe they were married to each other, in which case this wasn't so un-Christian after all. Actually, it was the missionary position, and the guy does have a wedding ring on his finger. The Unknown Blower, here's another couple form an unknown game caught in the act long before "high definition" became a thing. The Bayern Couple, here's another pretty famous instance that's been circulatin' the web for years. Copyright 2018, Daily News. TOP, all

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Sport, news Group Newspapers Limited in England. The team's first uniforms had a lot more teal than black when they debuted, but by '97 the teal was relegated to a secondary color. But most of the time, thats as far as their passions take them. Here's an example from an unknown sporting event that, from the looks of it, took place some time in the early-to-mid 90s.

What we think we might know, thanks to Deadspin, is that the dude here might have been a yet-unnamed former hotshot pitching prospect with the Phillies. And despite the fact that people were very obviously peaking over the stall, taking pictures and videos, the two did not stopwhich means they were either serious exhibitionists, or so drunk that they really didn't notice. And apparently, after the happy couple wrapped things up, they received a rousing ovation from the sizable audience that had gathered and they were not embarrassed at all. It's unclear if they were ejected, but apparently stadium security was alerted to the situation. For other inquiries, Contact. One really crazy, exhibitionist, female nascar fan, to be precise.